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Enhance and Nourish Your Curls From The Beginning

Our Vision is to rewrite the standard of beauty by bridging the gap between the inequalities to safe, accessible, and natural hair products while creating space to heal and unlearn harmful messages about curly, coily, and kinky hair through education and amplifying stories of BIPOC. In creating a versatile herbal product that fits the needs of our minis along with the hair needs of the adults who love them; let's embrace and fall in love with our curls together!

 As a new mom, they never tell you that your hair journey will also become connected to your child's. We are their first teachers and role models that show them how to love their hair. When I was my son’s age and growing up; the message I received from society was that my hair was more difficult, less desirable and unpresentable than those with straight hair. My curls were tamed and erased rather than embraced with products that enhanced and nourished the curls I already had. There weren’t many curly hair products for younger children but we aim to change that with our Mini + Me products. Our children will grow up with pride and love for their curls of reclamation and we will be right beside them as we embark on the journey together in healing and loving our curls.


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