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Patch Test

Patch testing is a method that is used to determine if a new product or ingredient could cause an allergic reaction prior to extended use. This is a test that can be done at home for your minis and those with skin sensitivities!

Step One

Before using a new product, choose a small patch of skin to perform the patch test. This area should be located where a person is unlikely to accidentally wash or rub it off. Good areas may include the inside of the arm, bend of the elbow, or behind the ear.

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Step Two

Be sure to properly clean the area you have chosen to perform this Patch Test.


It’s important that this area is clean to ensure the validity of this Patch Test.

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Step Three

Apply the product to a quarter-sized patch of skin for at least 24 hours.

If you experience any allergic reaction occurs, please stop using this product immediately.

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